PlayMais has been a source of fun for years! We invite you to be part of the success! Together, we will reach the full potential of PlayMais sales. Let’s go for 100% success! The aim of our company is to offer alternatives to conventional products. Alternatives which are clearly superior from an environmental point of view. Not just in one single aspect, but throughout the product’s entire life-cycle. We develop and manufacture new types of products from renewable raw materials. Our trademark is the complete biodegradability of all our products. And we have been doing this since 1994.

PlayMais 100% Positive!
Since PlayMais is a natural product, it has a positive impact on the consumer. Children can build beautiful creations independently, as parents know their children will be safe with PlayMais®.

PlayMais, 100% Easy!
A bit of water is enough to make it stick. Kids will make wonderful creations and shall be ever so proud of them!

PlayMais, 100% Play value!
Kids love it! They ask for it over and over again. Recent research has shown that kids play with PlayMais for over 55 minutes, every time. An independent international panel of mothers, has ranked PlayMais 8, 2 on a scale of 1-10! PlayMais is an intelligent product! Suitable to most markets! It fits in all different sales segments!

PlayMais, 100% Creative
Endless creations are possible. From easy 2D creations stuck onto cards for the little ones, to more sophisticated 3D creations for older kids. PlayMais really has no limits!

PlayMais, 100% Safe!
PlayMais is made out of natural maize, water and food coloring. Biodegradable, PlayMais stands for the highest quality and product safety. Parents love it, as they know their children will be safe with PlayMais. In other words, PlayMais stands for ‘natural’, for creativity, is educational, improves fine motor skills, and develops relationships between all age groups.

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